Meatless Monday

OMG… it is a beautiful, almost Spring day here in Seattle Washington, a wonderful 67 degrees. We are enjoying the evening with a Meatless Monday recipe, on the grill

We made Portobello Mushroom Fajitas on the grill, instead of in a pan.The recipe can be found here, at McCormick Spices. They turned out great and low Smart points.

Which is good, because I started today out with -1 weeklies, thanks to the Ben and Jerry’s and Mountain bar that screamed “eat me” over the weekend . But, I did track¬† both ūüėā.


Until next time,



Saturday Weight Watchers Day

Happy Saturday! Weigh-in for me is about an hour away. Honestly, not sure how I feel about the week. It is  however, going to be what it is, so I always step on the scale no matter what.

I have been on the WW journey for quite some time and have moved very slowly both forwards and backwards on the path. There were many days of discouragement and yet, every Saturday on the scale I hop.

Each Saturday I reset and know that only my own efforts will get me to to my goals, both at the scale and personally.I have a saying in my planner  each month, that reminds to:

” Don’t wish for it WORK FOR IT “

Being able enjoy foods I love, having great tools to use and wonderful support is the best. If you find yourself feeling discouraged, hang in there , it is a great program. Think about how you are using your resources to WORK FOR IT.

Have a great Saturday and week !

Until next time

~ WillyNillyEllen




Instant Pot LOVE !!

I am always looking for ways to help squeeze out a little more ” me” time in my schedule. One thing that has helped is my Instant Pot.

Earlier this year I started paying attention to all these posts on Pinterest of recipes for the Instant Pot. They looked delicious and the comments were all about how awesome this appliance was. I did some research and ordered one up.

Needless to say, I LOVE it! I  find myself planning at least one meal every week that uses the Instant Pot. I have seen reviews or comments stating the Instant Pot takes longer than stovetop or other methods of cooking. While that might be true, I find the ease of putting a lid on it and walking away truly a time saver.

Case in point, I discovered This Old Gal’s method¬†for the best hard boiled eggs ever. Nothing exploded, cracked or did not cook properly. The eggs were perfect and peeled effortlessly. I have used this method twice now with batches of 6 to 8 eggs, with the same results. Best part was, I put the lid on and walked AWAY. No watching a pan¬† waiting for it to boil and then monitoring the time.

I gained almost 20 minutes of me time, that I more than likely used to mindlessly scroll through Pinterest, got a little card crafting in, played with the pooches or spent time in the garden. Then was delighted with perfect, easy to peel hard boiled eggs for the week.

Yep, I love my Instant Pot and highly recommend one. I even tried this recipe for Lasagna. I have to say it was better than ones I have done in the oven. Sure, there have been some not so great recipes, but overall I am so happy that I took the plunge into the Instant Pot world. Truly, I am thinking about a second or possibly one of the new “minis” that was released.

Until next time, CHEERS  !

~ WillyNillyEllen





Unexpected Friendships

I sit here this morning enjoying a latte made by one of my favorite baristas at the Starbucks I have visited weekly for many, many years. Sadly, it is closing tomorrow. The lease is up and the shopping center  where they are located will be demolished to make way for the Light Rail Transit area here in Lynnwood.

Amy,Melody, Kirsten, Erika, Daria, Abby and Krystal have brightened many of my mornings with their smiles, laughter and of course their gift of creating AWESOME lattes.We have come to know a bit about each other through our brief encounters over the years. I am going to miss our encounters.

Each one of them has touched my heart in so many ways, that I truly think of them as friends. These are what I call¬†” unexpected” friendships¬† and consider them a blessing that formed from brief moments spent together.

Amy’s love for her family, faith and friends is expressed through her smile and grace. I am thrilled that she will not be too far away and that we are now Facebook Friends.

Melody’s involvement with hosting trivia over the years has stretched our friendship beyond the coffee bar. We have been joining her once¬† month for trivia for a few years now, and love it. We have now made it¬† a standing ” date” with some close friends, which is a great way for us to make sure we get together more often.

Kristen and I both love to garden. I think we both could be farm girls, if not too far from city life. She has a laugh and smile that is so infectious, you cannot help but be happy for the whole day.

After a very difficult morning we stopped in and Erika was at the bar. She asked how our day was and both my husband and I started tearing up, as we had just dropped off our dog Kaya¬†who passed away the night before, for¬†cremation. Here genuine care for us at that moment was truly felt ad that moment has stuck with me this past year. We are hoping that we will see her at the drive- thru for what we call ” Latte Friday”.

I could go on for pages about how special these individuals are. However, all good things must come to end for the next chapter to begin. I am blessed

I wish Abby all the best in her studies of becoming a nurse. I hope Daria and Krystal enjoy their new locations and continue to brighten the days and lives of the customers they greet each day.


“Unexpected Friendships” are true blessings and I am grateful for the ones in my life. Cheers and all the best !

Until next time,

Willey Nilley Ellen

Awesome Recipe

Have you ever ran across a recipe that just blows you away, or is just so simple and tasty, it becomes a trusted go to? I have and it is called ….


I discovered it on Pinterest through It is awesome and has turned  out  great every time. The recipe is versatile, with so many options to add ingredients of  your liking. I have added cooked Italian sausage, mushrooms, artichoke hearts and zucchini from the garden. Great every time!

This recipe  lead me to One Pot Wonder Chicken Lo Mein at Yummy and a good homemade option to take-out.

My husband loves it when I say that  One Pot Wonder Pasta is for dinner. I highly recommend, trying one of these recipes.

Just a little something that brings me JOY!

Until Next time

~ Willy Nilly Ellen




Quote for the day!

We recently moved office locations , I am still finding things that I tucked into drawers and notebooks in the move. One of these things is a saying that I pulled out of a magazine several years ago. The quote is this:

” I can only control my own efforts”

It has been a very busy week and this quote fits !! I am thankful that there are only two days left in the work week and then it is the WEEKEND !! If I get a few house chores done tomorrow and Friday, I can sit back and enjoy some creative time !

Until next time….. Cheers!

~ WillyNillyEllen

First blog post

Why a blog? Why not a blog? Now that I am done with school, I have a little extra time on my hands and a huge Pinterest collection to share.

My blog is going to be very random, with¬†posts¬† about my dogs, quotes,¬† DIY projects, weightloss, my garden,¬† books I’ve read or just a thought to share. Hence the name, Willy Nilly Ellen.

I hope that you will enjoy my willy-nilly blog and come back often, to enjoy a little snippet of joy.