Instant Pot LOVE !!

I am always looking for ways to help squeeze out a little more ” me” time in my schedule. One thing that has helped is my Instant Pot.

Earlier this year I started paying attention to all these posts on Pinterest of recipes for the Instant Pot. They looked delicious and the comments were all about how awesome this appliance was. I did some research and ordered one up.

Needless to say, I LOVE it! I  find myself planning at least one meal every week that uses the Instant Pot. I have seen reviews or comments stating the Instant Pot takes longer than stovetop or other methods of cooking. While that might be true, I find the ease of putting a lid on it and walking away truly a time saver.

Case in point, I discovered This Old Gal’s method for the best hard boiled eggs ever. Nothing exploded, cracked or did not cook properly. The eggs were perfect and peeled effortlessly. I have used this method twice now with batches of 6 to 8 eggs, with the same results. Best part was, I put the lid on and walked AWAY. No watching a pan  waiting for it to boil and then monitoring the time.

I gained almost 20 minutes of me time, that I more than likely used to mindlessly scroll through Pinterest, got a little card crafting in, played with the pooches or spent time in the garden. Then was delighted with perfect, easy to peel hard boiled eggs for the week.

Yep, I love my Instant Pot and highly recommend one. I even tried this recipe for Lasagna. I have to say it was better than ones I have done in the oven. Sure, there have been some not so great recipes, but overall I am so happy that I took the plunge into the Instant Pot world. Truly, I am thinking about a second or possibly one of the new “minis” that was released.

Until next time, CHEERS  !

~ WillyNillyEllen





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